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doktorandenforum.de is available in German only

doktorandenforum.de is a private website that I manage just for the fun of it. I am sorry but I do not have enough time and webspace to maintain a bi- or even multilingual website. Therefore doktorandenforum.de is available in German only.
You might try to ask your special questions on our Bulletin Board. The default language there ist German but since most of the board's members speak English as their second or third language they will be able to understand you. As most users are students working at their own PhD or are at least preparing to do so, they will not be able to answer general questions as for example »How and where can I get my PhD degree in Germany?«. But if you have already collected some information I am sure they will be able to answer some more specific questions.

doktorandenforum.de does not belong to a university

And that is the reason, why unfortunately I personally cannot help you starting your studies or your PhD in Germany - even if you come from India. Since I have finished my studies, I have neither access to German universities nor do I know the conditions of hundreds of courses of studies. You might try to get further information at website of the universities (links on the bottom).

Please do not send your application, resume etc. to me!

I will delete it without reading! I hope you understand that I will completely ignore and instantly delete any mail regarding applications for PhD studies etc.

Thank you very much!
Sebastian Veelken

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