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Technische Universität Ilmenau: 3 years Ph.D. student (75% E13)

Verfasst: 08.04.2021, 11:52
von tuilmenau
The Department of Mathematics and Natural Science, in Institute for Physics, Fundamentals of Energy Materials offers a job position for a

Ph.D. student

available as soon as possible for a duration of 3 years. The salary will be paid in accordance with the applicable tariff and personal requirements of the “Entgeltgruppe E13 TV-L” (pay scale 75%).
The department of Fundamentals of Energy Materials is one of the leading groups in the preparation and analysis of semiconductor interfaces and in the development of materials structures for highly efficient solar energy conversion. The position is part of our work, in which conversion of sunlight into hydrogen from water reduction or carbon dioxide reduction occurs. Research will focus on characterizing the interfaces and on understanding.
To this end, we offer a unique, cutting-edge experimental infrastructure that includes growth (epitaxy), in situ spectroscopy, and various surface science techniques located in a high-end cleanroom environment. We offer an international group and team spirit.
The department is a member of the cross-faculty Institute of Micro- and Nanotechnologies offering further sophisticated analytics equipment and expertise. The funding will support participation at national and international conferences, as well as the opportunity to establish connections with other world-leading research groups with which we are currently collaborating.
Besides its excellent campus, Ilmenau is a small, vivid, and affordable student city. Located in the virtual center of Germany with a direct connection to the city of Erfurt, it is surrounded by the beautiful nature of the “Thüringer Wald”, famous for outdoor activities.

Independent and team-oriented development of basic and application-oriented research, within one or more of the following research areas:
• Physics, or physical chemistry of solid-solid and solid- liquid interfaces.
• Preparation and epitaxial growth of semiconductor materials, layers as well as nanowires
• Surface and interfacial analysis with XPS, UPS, FTIR, LEED, STM.
• Ex situ analysis of materials such as SEM, AFM, HR-XRD, (time-resolved) photoluminescence.
• Optical in situ spectroscopy

The applicant should:
• hold a suitable scientific degree in a natural science program with documented above-average performance,
• have very good knowledge in semiconductor physics, chemistry, epitaxy, optical spectroscopy or interfacial analysis, material characterization, and
• show a strong interest and commitment in research, good teamwork and experimental skills.

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