Job Offer: Ph.D. student (f/m/d) 75% for 3 years

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Job Offer: Ph.D. student (f/m/d) 75% for 3 years

Beitrag von tuilmenau »

The Department of Mathematics and Natural Science, in Institute for Physics, Fundamentals of Energy Materials offers a job position for a
Ph.D. student (f/m/d)
available as soon as possible for a duration of 3 years.

Online-Apply: ... 59039feab8

volume: 75% v. H.
restriction: three years
salary: TV-L EG 13
beginning: as soon as possible

The department of Fundamentals of Energy Materials is one of the leading groups in the analysis of semiconductor interfaces and in the development of a low-defect, high-performance III-V compound semiconductors integrated with low-cost Si substrates for highly efficient solar energy conversion into electricity or to hydrogen. The position is a part of a project in which III-V heterostructures are prepared by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition for direct photoelectrochemical conversion of sunlight into hydrogen from water reduction or gas / liquid fuels from carbon dioxide reduction. The research will focus on characterizing the energetic alignment of junctions and interfaces in multi-junction absorbers, and on understanding the dynamics of charge carrier transport, transfer, and recombination through the semiconductor / catalyst / metal oxide heterostructures in a contact with and aqueous electrolyte. To this end, we offer a unique infrastructure that includes epitaxy, in situ spectroscopy, and in vacuo surface science techniques (such as STM, FTIR, LEED, and UPS/XPS) located in a high-end cleanroom. We offer international group and a teamwork environment. The department is a member of the cross-faculty Institute of Micro- and Nanotechnologies offering further sophisticated analytics equipment and expertise. The funding will support participation at national and international conferences, as well as the opportunity to establish connections with other world-leading research groups with which we are currently collaborating. An active participation of the Ph.D. student in teaching is desired.

Besides its excellent campus, Ilmenau is a small, vivid, and affordable student city. Located in the virtual center of Germany with a direct connection to the city of Erfurt, it is surrounded by the beautiful nature of the “Thüringer Wald”, famous for outdoor activities.


Independent and team-oriented development of basic and application-oriented research, within one or more of the following research areas:

Physics and chemistry of solid-solid and liquid-solid interfaces
Preparation and epitaxial growth of semiconductor films
Interface analysis in ultra-high vacuum with XPS, UPS, FTIR, LEED, STM...,
ex situ analysis of III-V semiconductors such as SEM, AFM, HR-XRD, ECCI, tr-PL…,
Optical in situ spectroscopy.


The applicant should:

hold a suitable scientific degree in a natural science program with documented above-average performance,
have very good knowledge in semiconductor physics, chemistry, epitaxy, optical spectroscopy or interfacial analysis, and
show a strong interest and commitment in research, good teamwork and experimental skills.

ID Number: 105/2020
application deadline: 22.11.2020